2017 Calendar

SFA Ch. 48





Thursday night,
 19 January 2017
Business meeting Kelly-Gazzero VFW
*27 January (Friday) PBruins game DUNK 
 15 February
Social meeting
 Greggs (NK)
Veterans Affairs Director – guest speaker
Thursday 16 March Social Meeting Kelly-Gazzero VFW
20 April
Business meeting Gregg’s (Warwick)
29 May Memorial Day ceremony at Stone w/breakfast to follow @ Homestead
2 June Steak Fry QDYC (pending confirmation)
22 June
Social meeting Kelly-Gazzero VFW
*1, 2, 3, 7, 8 or 9 July
A Pawsox game MC Coy Stadium
 19 July
Business meeting Gregg’s (NK)
*4 & 5 August Leapfest shirt sales URI & DZ
12 August Family Day picnic May’s
*20 September Shootout Tri-Town
 18 October
Business meeting Gregg’s (NK)
*11 November Veterans Day ceremony Stone w/ breakfast to follow
December TBA


Notes:  Usually: regular meetings are 3rd Wed. or Thurs. of the month and social only; there's no regular meeting in MAY, AUG, or DEC due to other events; the JAN, APR, JUL & OCT meetings also act as business meetings.

Items in italics are not yet confirmed.

Updated: 22 December 2016

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